Oliver furniture


We fell in love in love with this brand immediately after seeing their products and images. Oliver furniture is an authentic and charming concept of furniture for kids and adults. 

Designer Søren Rørbæk grew up by the sea in the North of Denmark. The sea, sand and beaches were always and still are great aspects of his everyday life. His major source of inspiration is the simple summer life. He captures the poetry in nature and appreciates details and functionality.

The new Wood collection is a series of beds from high quality for kids and young people. It has a soft expression with its rounded edges and innovative design. The Nordic oak is a new element in this collection and we love this detail in this collection. All of the products look amazing with so many nice details and features. The loft bed with the small benches underneath is really one of our favorites. 

You can experience some of these great beds in our new store First or Second in the Netherlands. Kids will love them and so will you. 


  1. De foto's alleen al zijn de moeite ;-) Leuke tip!


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