kids room inspiration



A children's room should always be a good spot to play.
But it's nice to see that you can combine a stylish kids room that is also 
a comfortable place.

Sara Woodrow from the blog smäm is a designer, artist and illustrator.
On her blog, she writes mostly about things that inspires her.
She also have a lovely shop where you can buy this amazing poster (see picture above)

I am totally in love with this poster.
Wouldn't this be great in any kids room?
I am considering buying them for my two little boys,
it would be so great in their room or anywhere else at home.

Images by Sara Woodrow

Holiday gift guide


With holidays coming we have made a selection of gifts with the themes 
Kids, Black and White and Wood.

We share our favorite products at Luvocracy where you can luv us 
and find your favorite products curated by us. 

Take a look at our kids section here and find the perfect gift for holidays!




These months are filled with presents and as it is also my boys birthday
 in December my mind is on gift  mode.
Never could have imagined how busy these months are when you also have
 to celebrate your kids birthday and have to select and divide the presents.

 The outside of a gift is almost just as important as the inside.
It makes you curious and it's even more festive.

So if you want to get ready for the holidays/birthdays or special days
you should definitely take a look at Dreamkey.

Dreamkey has lots of choice between: paper stuff, DIY, gift wrapping, cards.
They offer a lot of different things and many beautiful items.

We think the outside of a gift is almost just as important as the inside.
It makes you curious and its even more festive.



Wool blankets


We have to admit that we are huge fans of Rafa Kids from the beginning they started. 
Their designs are amazing and we are so glad there are people and brands 
like Rafa Kids that are creating such beautiful, simple and timeless pieces.

And now they have added these wonderful wool blankets to the collection. 
They loved it so much that they couldn't resist adding it to their collection. 

Well and we couldn't agree more. 
The graphics are great and fit everywhere, not only in a kids room
 but how beautiful would it look on your sofa…
Well take it everywhere you want and get warm and cozy.

The perfect blanket for these colder days…don't you think? 

Images by Rafa Kids

KEK Amsterdam



Do you already know the lovely brand KEK Amsterdam?
We have known this brand for a while now and are drawn
to their great designs every time we see them.

KEK is a brand based in Amsterdam, where all the magic happens.
They design special products, different and refreshing and made with a twist. 

They specialize in things wall decoration like wall decals and wallpaper.
The animal sticker are almost real and look amazing on a white wall.
So many choices to make your kidsroom more fun

We used this beautiful tree in our shoot for Zara Mini and we think
it looks stunning in this picture.

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