supernana felt shoes and slippers


When my oldest boy wished for some slippers just like when he wakes up he can put them on his his words...:) the search for some nice slippers began.

And I found them at Supernana, a Dutch brand that sells handmade felt baby shoes, children's slippers and some other toys in felt. I love the different slippers and shoes they offer. They are available in different colors and shapes. I choose the first pair of slippers and in real they are even more beautiful. Made with care, perfect quality and some great anti-slip dots on the soles.


Dutch children's book - Hannah and the ghosts


A Dutch children's book called Hannah en de spoken (Hanna and the gosths),
is a beautiful black and white book for the little ones aged 3-8 years.

Hannah is a girl who sees ghosts everywhere. 
She talks all day whith them, and listens to what they say. 
With the simple but pretty drawings the classic story about ghosts gets a new live. 
You can buy this beautiful book over here .


my moon


My Moon, when we heard only the name we immediately fell in love. 
My Moon offers modern organics for little ones. 
The collection is a combination of great fashion pieces, accessories and blankets. 
The fabrics, colors and stripes and dots are a perfect combination and will look great 
on both girl and boys.

Dionne from My Moon believes you don't have to sacrifice the environment for fashion, 
so all the fabrics she uses are organic and sustainable, 
printed with non-toxic water-based inks and packaged with eco-friendliness.

We are in love. What about you?



Every child needs some good basics. 
It will not only make them feel comfortable but they can easily play in it and do what they want. 
But basic doesn't mean boring and your child can look great with some nice basic items.

The brand 10days not only offers good basics for adults but also for kids
The pieces are great for your kid's wardrobe. 
Neutral colors and soft fabrics that easily combine with other pieces. 

We love brands like this that make kids feel comfortable in a great way.


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