Fairytales by Caroline Ellerbeck


These nice fairytale coloring books are from the hand of Caroline Ellerbeck. For a few years now she creates different drawings for magazines and children books. These coloring books are great for anyone with kids... The books have black and white drawings with 12 coloring pictures where kids can create their own colorful fairytale book. Available in different fairytales at Bijzondermooi.com

Boys room


This boys room is part of the beautiful home of Jennifer Hagler from A Merry Mishap. We are used to here beautiful aesthetics and also her boys room is styled with lots of great things and nice objects.

We love light and bright rooms like this where you can add color if you like it and can play with it in so many ways. 

Take a look at A Merry Mishap for more beauty and inspiration.



The best thing to do for your little mini baby to come or when you just became a mom is to look for adorable clothes. At ZARA you can find it in the MINI section. All the pieces are really cute for girls and for boys. Little trousers, cardigans, dresses and shoes that make you twinkle and get you the cuteness factor all over the place.

For the last lookbook we created for Zara MINI we had this feeling again and again. We loved to work with the great NLXL wallpaper as the perfect background. The scrapwood wallpaper would make a perfect wall for any kids room. 

Also take a look in the shop of Designlemonade for the cardboard hangers and wooden frames we used for the garments. Be creative and use items for a different purpose as they are supposed to be...it will look great!

carton at Orphan Socks


If you are searching for that perfect gift then you should not look any further... We always succeed at the beautiful shop from Orphan Socks. Unique gifts that always make you smile.

As a mom of two boys I can't help falling in love with these CARton cars from Floris Hovers. After the sublime ArcheToys he couldn't resist thinking about designing a little toy car again and preferably with a not so obvious material. The car is made from cardboard, plywood and bamboo. Children can paint the car themselves and this first CARton model is a 'station' and by taking off the back part you create a sedan...isn't that great!

This CARton would make a perfect gift but take a look in the shop for more unique and beautiful products. 

Ollie & Seb's Hause


This kids room comes from the beautiful blog Ollie & Seb's Hause. It is so bright and with the black details and the pops of color it looks amazing don't you think?

The cushions is this room are from the brand BangBang Copenhagen. This brand is created by two talented Danish designers Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager and they create unique Scandinavian kidswear, which is playful and creative. If you like some playful and colorful details you can use them either in a kids room or living room.

A great kids room to play in and ofcourse these black ballons are great too :)

Styling and photography: Ollie & Seb's Hause
Collection: BangBang Copenhagen

noch mini


Let's be honest...by seeing these too cute kids you just can't help it too like it already. But the NOCH kids collection itself is just as beautiful too. 

NOCH mini is an organic children's line from New York and the collection is simple yet sophisticated. The designer, Jina Jang, studied at Parsons School of Design and after her daughter was born, she wanted to provide her with the highest quality and healthiest choices, including clothes.  And as she found the most organic clothing options limited in design and color she launched NOCH in 2010.

We love the details of the new spring/summer 2014 collection and the combinations of dots and stripes made. The materials look soft and beautiful on the pictures already so we imagine in real this will be even better.

See and read more about NOCH design here with a list of stockists too.

mom meets mom: expectations


Lifestyle blogger Esther (UrbanMoms) and myself are having a conversation every two weeks about our real lives behind our online (blog) world.

A lot of things have changed this year for us in our (family) schedule with our oldest boy going to school at the age of 4. First adapting to this new phase not only for us but most of all for him. Long days and so many new things to discover, see and experience. But after a few months he is doing better and better and enjoying more and more. It is so nice to see he likes all of it and to hear him talking about things he did and learned or just singing a new song he learned. All those little things can really make you so proud and make you smile when seeing and hearing it. Little boys are getting big…and it makes me realize to enjoy every moment of it because they are growing so fast. 

When going to school as a parent you also meet new parents with kids from the same age. There are differences and things you can relate too and it's nice to hear and see that sometimes you are really not the only one in this world dealing with changing behaviour and how kids develop, react and be… 

I noticed for example that some kids are already taking part actively in outside school activities like sports at the age of 4. This made me think "am I doing something wrong?" because our boy is not taking part in a certain kind of sports right now like football or judo or something else. He has not brought it to our attention yet and he now really likes to play outside with the kids in the neighborhood playing games, riding his bike or just going to a playground. It has slipped my mind once and a while to go to a kind of toddler gym when he was younger but when pregnant of our second boy it didn't quite happen due to health reasons and other things.  

So now I was wondering what to do? We have to arrange his first swimming lessons and are looking in to that and with him going to school and so many things that change wouldn't it be better to first let him do things time by time? So first school with all those new experiences and then swimming lessons (that can be very intensive as I have heard) and after that letting him decide which sports he would like to try.  For me it does not feel right to give a little kid of 4 already a kind of busy agenda with things he has to do without feeling free to do what he wants like just playing and dealing with all these changes already. 

It almost feels like I have to put my child on sports and let's not forget he needs to get on music lessons too (because that is really something you have to do) according to others… And not only this is a very busy week for a child already but what to mention about our schedule? Planning this all outside school times, working and having another child of one years old who has his sleeping times etc.  

Just curious what you think of this? Am I holding this from him or is it ok to let him do things one by one because he has his whole life and coming years to develop what he wants and likes? 

Read the detailed response by Esther here on her blog. 

XO Jantine

poosac, handmade toys


Did you already see the new ZARA mini lookbook? We are again proud to have worked on this one and to create the images working with adorable garments. 

For this lookbook we have used the dolls from Poosac and we really are in love. 
Kim is the creative mind behind this great brand and creates dolls, creatures and illustrations. Everything is handmade with an enormous amount of love, care and attention and you really see that when holding these dolls in real. 

Kim enjoys creating joyous characters and illustrations that have a sense of humor and a sense of ridiculous. We loved working with these great dolls and they really make you smile when seeing them and are great for your little one.

Take a look at Poosac here and enter the wonderful world of dolls and creatures.

First 2 images ZARA | styling APRIL AND MAY | photography JAMES STOKES

First Baby Shoes


Buying your first baby shoes is so nice. 
And we love a concept and brand like First Baby Shoes
Walking is a big event - once your baby does it, life will never be quite the same.
How about making this event more memorable?

First Baby Shoes offers two kind of products.
You can make your first pair of shoes yourself for your little baby. 
With the shoe making kit you can sew the shoes your one with an precisely explained instruction and very soft leather. You don't need a sewing machine at all and can do this by hand using just a needle and a thread.

Or if you are not so crafty, you can choose the indoor shoes GiKo
These first baby shoes invite you to play with colors. 
You can choose between different combinations of leather and shoelace colors.
The shoes are not mass-produced but handmade in Poland.

We love a concept like this and the shoes will look to cute on your little one.

born2bseen: 1+ in the family


 We love to welcome our newest blogfriend Born2Bseen. Born2Bseen is an online boutique with great baby and kids clothing, furniture and accessories. 
A brand that fits us perfectly with a beautiful style and timeless pieces. 

One of the brands in their collection is 'one more in the family' and we just had to show some of their wonderful pieces. Minimalist design based on practical and comfortable clothing with excellent quality fabrics. 

Stripes are always good and all the pieces are just the perfect basic items in your child's wardrobe. 

Soon more from this great online boutique with a great give-away to enter. 

great kidsroom with coming


Over at Coming, they have the most great ideas for your nursery and kidsroom

What do you think of the product line Stilt
We love the soft round edges in these designs and the usability of it...!

For more inspiration and the most beautiful products, you should definitely check out their website. 
See here the baby, kids and junior section.
Which one is your favorite?

Happy weekend! 


mom meets mom: choices

Lifestyle blogger Esther (UrbanMoms) and myself are having a conversation every two weeks about our real lifes behind our online (blog) world. As from today you can join us...

 This time it is all about CHOICES. Read the start of this conversation from Esther on her blog here.


Yes we want it all, the perfect life...and just like you sometimes I wonder and ask myself "How do they manage to do all of it?" From the outside they have the perfect life, always looking good and happy, having the perfect job and combining that with a family life, holidays, nice trips and events....and I can go on for a little while. 

But then I ask myself...maybe there are people out there who are thinking the same about you and me? We share the most wonderful things because that's what we like to do. We create a world where you can dream and be inspired and that people like to read and see. But just like everybody else we are only human and of course there are moments we feel we fail in one thing because we choose something else. 

When I am working a bit more then I have planned there is that feeling of guild toward my kids. Finding the right balance is difficult and stays difficult. For me it works great that I have a great back up (as in my mom) and I know that my kids are in the best place they could be when I have to work or have appointments. 

This year my oldest son is going to school and that included making choices for me. I have chosen to be there as much as I can be for my boy in this first period of school. This means planning, accepting help and scheduling as much during school times. Making choices and adapt to it... And there are days it works great and there are days it work not as you want it. For me this means making choices too. With a little boy of 11 months and starting with broken nights all over again for the last few months I have a constant lack of sleep and my energy level is not what it was. That means taking really good care of myself (and I sometimes tend to not do this as much as I should), eating healthy and trying to get as much sleep as I can. Therefor I have to make choices meaning doing as much as I can during the day and working less in the evenings. In the end this will make me feel better and I get more things done. For now I choose to feel better, work on great projects and be there for my kids. This means making choices and saying NO when I have to. 
Is this always easy? 
NO, but sometimes it needs to be done. Especially in this phase of my life...and there will come another period without broken nights, a lack of sleep and kids that will be older and more independent then now with a baby and a 4 year old. 

My only advice to you concerning your own family is this...
Choose what feels good for you and your family. Are you a better mom when you have more then one child? Ofcourse not... There is always something to say...when you have one child, when you have two boys (didn't you wanted to have a girl? or... you can always have a third...) and so on.

I am happy to have two healthy boys but like every mom there are HIGHS and LOWS and it can be hard and busy. So choose what your heart says and if that means you are happy with one (very special) boy then that's all right. He will have a great life with a mom and dad that love him very much and with lots of friends to play with.

XO Jantine

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